Our company has developed into a much sought-after and independent production location with a special product range.

As a manufacturer of cosmetics and anti-aging products we can do a lot for you:

      lash growth, eyelash care
      Anti Aging / Anti Hair Loss Hair Care
      Anti Aging Skin Care
      Decorative cosmetics with and without additional effects

The ambition of our approx. 15 employees is not only in production. We see ourselves as a service and consulting company that accompanies you throughout the entire process chain.

For Nutracosmetic innovative thinking is not a question of strategic considerations, but the answer to the ever more demanding customer requirements. As a full-range supplier, we position ourselves with a broad range of products at the highest level. We use the entire spectrum from tried and tested to innovative, modern technologies.

At Nutracosmetic, thorough communication with the customer is at the top of the priority list. We don't just see ourselves as the recipient of your information, instructions and ideas. Rather, we act as a proactive partner with whom you can count on surprising suggestions.